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Product innovations

Coating systems for the highest requirements – that is our promise and we keep our word. In terms of graffiti protection, corrosion protection, UV protection. In matters of process reliability, chemical resistance, color stability and gloss retention. At KANSAI HELIOS, we are constantly developing new formulations and combinations of our coating system components, improving product properties, enhancing qualities, conserving resources, optimizing processing. For the people at KANSAI HELIOS, innovation means doing things in a new and better way. Innovations are therefore not always presented to the market as new products and services, but can also be found throughout the group, in production and R&D facilities, and in processes. Although the product innovations that meet our customers’ needs are the ones we are most proud of.


wefaPermatec: resistant clearcoat with graffiti protection

The coating material wefaPermatec 1K Clearcoat achieves the gloss of a conventional clearcoat. In addition, it provides permanent protection against graffiti – paint adheres only superficially. Efficient use down to the last drop is also guaranteed, as excess quantities of wefaPermatec paint can be recycled without any loss of quality.


wefaProtect effect varnish: modern surface effects - guaranteed reproducible

High-strength ceramic beads give this textured paint its fine structure and ensure maximum mechanical resistance. Advantage reproducibility: Effect and homogeneity of the surface structure are the same for every application, regardless of the application method (spray gun, film thickness, drying, etc.) and the application technique of the painting personnel!


wefaProtect 2K spray paint: original spray paint with wide jet technology

Whenever you need the smallest quantities of the original paint, wefaProtect 2K from the spray can is a practical alternative. The innovative SprayMax® technology guarantees a professional painting result by means of wide-jet atomization (spray pattern analogous to spray gun), high paint application quantity and constant atomization pressure until the spray can is completely empty.


wefaResist: resistant protective coating for glossy furniture

This innovative 2-component coating material was developed specifically for the kitchen and office furniture industry. It permanently protects glossy finishes from aggressive substances and scratches. wefaResist 2K W Topcoat is the first water-thinnable coating that meets all the requirements of DIN 68861-1B:2011 and even exceeds them in certain areas.


wefaPolyseal: permanent graffiti protection with easy-to-clean effect

Graffiti protection with anti-graffiti coating? wefaPolyseal can do more. The 2-component coating system lays itself like a transparent armor on the original paint and preserves demonstrably. Permanently. Graffiti sprayers will avoid it, because wefaPolyseal is like safety glass with a “beading effect”. Graffiti removal is easy, neutral cleaners are usually sufficient.